New song: The Innocence Mission – On Your Side

The Innocence Mission’s ‘Green Bus’ was arguably 2018’s best song; the resulting album ‘Sun On The Square’ was pretty flawless too. The Pennsylvania trio have just announced a prompt follow-up, ‘See You Tomorrow’ which comes out January 17. And if lead single ‘On Your Side’ is anything to go by, it’s set to be as affecting and heart-breaking as ever.

Written about how those who have passed still live on beside us, chief songwriter Karen Peris’ describes this phenomenon with typically economic words. “I’m always on your side / I’m always on your side” she sings, impersonating a loved one speaking to her from the beyond. At first, her brittle voice is accompanied just by the plucks of her guitar until resplendent strings and wood percussion add power to the song’s main declaration. Other than a swelling conclusion, ‘On Your Side’ just flips between those two states, always doing enough but never too much. “In my dream, I would be in Paris with my mom,” Peris sings. “In cafes she would sip coffee, she would be smiling on/ She’d say, ‘I have never let you out of my sight. I have not gone.’”  Music doesn’t get much better than this. 

‘See You Tomorrow’ is out January 17 on Bella Union

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