My Pet: Lazy Day

For the fifth edition of ‘My Pet’, Tilly Scantlebury, the brain behind Lazy Day – one of the catchiest indie bands around – tells us about her loyal Labrador Stanley, and the instrumental role pets have played in her life:

My big brother was really into dogs as a kid, I think ‘dog’ was his first word, or that might just be a family myth. We got our first dog when I was 7 and I can still remember that day so well. We named him Charlie and he was the cutest and fattest puppy of them all. So I’ve got my big brother to thank for why I first wanted a pet, because I used to want to copy everything he did. And my parents for doing all the hard work! 

“We got Stanley – also known as Stan, Stanbo, Prince, Pig, Hairy Pig, Piggy and @stanleythelabofficial on Instagram – from the same place we got Charlie, a big house in the countryside near Wales. Me and my dad drove up to get him this time last year. It was cold but really sunny, and we were both so excited. When we arrived, we were taken to the kennel outside and he was there, in-between all of his sisters looking like a little fat prince. I picked him up straight away and I knew it was true love. Like Charlie and all our previous dogs, Stanley is just part of the family, like a best friend/little brother all in one. 

“Stan has too many notable traits and good memories to mention them all, but a classic Stan moment was when he decided to eat a whole tea towel. One of my favourite things about Stan is what he does when someone comes over – his ears go right back like a seal and he’ll pick up as many of his toys as he can carry so he can show them to each person. Like a weird and cute victory lap. He’s also basically as big as me now but still likes to sit/lie down on me. It’s hard to breath but it also feels so right. 

“Stan can be pretty mischievous, but we like to think it’s because he’s so smart. His latest trick is carrying two balls in his mouth at once instead of having to pick which one to play with. We’re so proud! But actually, my favourite thing that he does is sometimes he sits down, and I kneel next to him and say ‘cuddle’ and he puts his paws on my shoulders so that I can wrap my arms around him and give him a proper hug. It’s the purest thing. Oh, and I like the way he greets us too, he full on bounds down the corridor, wheezing with excitement, wiggling his bum and tail synonymously.

“I write a lot from home and having a pet there with me really makes the day so much brighter. Stan is an amazing work companion, and will sit by my feet all day. 

“I really miss Stan when I’m away on tour, but I get pretty regular updates from my partner and family about him. On our European tour a couple of weeks ago my mum sent me a video of Stan; he was looking straight at the camera, lying on her bed, and she was asking him where I was and he was looking around trying to find me. My heart was so full!”

Tour dates:

Oct 31st | Guildford, UK – Boileroom &
Nov 1st | Brighton, UK – Hope & Ruin &
Nov 2nd | Leicester, UK – The Cookie &
Nov 7th | Birmingham, UK – Sunflower Lounge %
Nov 8th | Manchester, UK – Jimmy’s %
Nov 9th | Liverpool, UK – Sound Basement %

& = w/ Wych Elm
% = w/ Junodream

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