New song: Party of the Sun – Drifters

Americana extraordinaries Party of The Sun released their debut LP ‘Trekker’ last Wednesday (30 October). ‘Drifters’ – its standout track – is reminiscent of leaving the house on a fresh Winter morning, the air entirely still, no car engines sounding, your breath appearing like a column of smoke. It’s a fleeting moment of quietude that you’re forever grateful for.

Made up primarily of New Hampshire’s Ethan McBrien and Rory Hurley, the duo compliment one another well – Hurley’s gold-spun guitar the perfect partner to McBrien’s timeless croon. The song’s tenderness is exacerbated further by the muted, delicate drums – drumsticks caressing the snare, a towel thrown over its skin. ’Drifters’ largely stays on the same path, deviating only for the lush chorus where McBrien sings, “Such a long way down / what a restless way to fall / standing on broken ground / what’s a broken heart / mean to you now”. It’s affect is balm-like and as the song drifts off, you feel refreshed, ready to take on the day with a new sense of purpose. 

‘Trekker’ is out now on Trailing Twelve

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