Premiere: Neev – Across the Glass

There’s a sense of loss on Neev’s second ever single ‘Across The Glass.’ A love letter to her hometown of Glasgow written from her adopted home of London, she reminisces on times that are consigned to youth. “The fairylights above our heads / made our words taste so sweet” she sings, the memory creating a warm fuzzy feeling whilst coming across like something that can’t be re-created.

Neev’s voice is warm and husky. Initially she’s backed by just the jovial strums of her acoustic guitar, until a heart-rending chillo yearns in the bridge. The chorus bears hallmarks of Big Thief’s ‘Mary’, the rhythmic speed Neev sings at not too dissimilar from Adrianne Lenker’s star turn. “Where were you when reality felt like this / when time went so quick” she sings lastly, despairing that a friend or lover couldn’t share in those days when life felt limitless, when the world felt like a bottomless treasure trove. Beautiful.  

‘Across the Glass’ is out Saturday 09 November

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