New song: Lanterns on the Lake – Every Atom

After releasing ‘Beings’ back in 2015, long-term favourites Lanterns on the Lake return today with new single ‘Every Atom’ and news of a forthcoming record ‘Spook The Herd’ (21 February).

‘Every Atom’ is everything we expected and more. Hazel Wilde has always been capable of summing up feelings you could never illiterate yourself. She once simply sang “I wanna feel human” on ‘I’ll Stall Them’ – words so simple yet relatable that I grow goosebumps just thinking about them. Wilde is as relatable as ever on ‘Every Atom’, this time singing of how she’d do absolutely anything to spend just one more moment with a deceased loved one. “If I have to split every atom / Just to find a trace of you / that’s what I’ll do” she sings on the chorus.

The backdrop is typical of the Tyneside group. The drums are theatrical, the guitar astral, the keys fervent. Angela Chan’s viola swoops in for the devastating crescendo as Wilde’s voice swells and swells and the drums thunder. Lanterns on the Lake still combine passion and craftsmanship like no-one else.

Of the track Wilde says: “This is a song about grief and how your subconscious takes a long time to accept when someone is dead and gone forever, even when the rational side of you understands it. I put that idea into a story where the narrator is my subconscious searching for someone in this dream-like fictional world. I go to the extremes to search for even just a trace of them… through all of space and time, splitting every atom, ‘until Andromeda and the Milky Way collide’. I won’t give up. I can’t let go.”

Spook The Herd is out 21 February on Bella Union

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