New song: Patchwork Guilt – My Home

Manchester-based songwriter Patchwork Guilt completes a trilogy of 2019 singles with ‘My Home’. According to Phoenix Mundy (Patchwork Guilt), each song has ‘followed the culmination of a life chapter dictated by self-discovery, often painful with the facing of certain harsh truths about self-destructive behaviours and patterns’. 

‘My Home’ is the most jazzy of the three singles though it still incorporates elements of folk and dream pop as with all of Patchwork Guilt’s work. The instrumentation of delicate piano and wintry tremolo guitar exudes pure sophistication, while Mundy’s whimsical vocal occupies a space somewhere between Jessica Pratt and Aldous Harding. Together they make for a unique and fascinating listen.

Of the track, Mundy says: “This is a song for the things that keep us ‘us’ despite all the changes to both our environments and our character; it closes the curtain on a period of intense change with acceptance and optimism.” 

‘My Home’ is out now

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