New song: Zoe Graham – Gradual Move

“I hate the change of the seasons” Zoe Graham declares on new single ‘Gradual Move’.  It’s little wonder Graham is pained by such overt change; in the last 12 months, the Scottish songwriter has lost her dog and fled the family nest for the first time. “The total shift happened gradually over the six months from September 2018 to March 2019. In that time, I had moved out, my family home looked drastically different, a relationship had ended, and my dog had died. I found it quite difficult to adapt to this change, but also coming to terms with the fact that things are only going to change even more – becoming thankful for the important things”, Graham states.

Adorned with wistful guitars and burbling synths, ‘Gradual Move’ is a brutally honest recollection of those six months, and the growth inspired by the challenges it posed. “There’s a dog dying back home / oh god she’s gone” Graham sings, realising how powerless she is to affect things back home.  Initially a folk musician, Graham was inspired by the work of St Vincent, Christine and The Queens and Haim to delve into poppier territory.  “Everything changes / no it’s not sudden / it’s just a gradual move” she sings in the chorus, acknowledging that change often has both good and bad consequences. A statement that bares little truth in respect to Graham’s artistic changes, as on ‘Gradual Move’ she sounds better and more determined than ever before.  

‘Gradual Move’ is out now

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