New song: Aoife Nessa Frances – Here in the Dark

‘Here In The Dark’, the second single from Aoife Nessa Frances’ forthcoming debut album ‘Land of No Junction’, is as catchy as it is ambitious. Stretching across five-and-a-half minutes, ‘Here In The Dark’ is centred around an infectious, forthright chorus. The instrumentation that surrounds the chorus, however, reveal Frances’ experimental leanings; psychedelic flourishes are at a premium, whilst the strung-out conclusion combines barroom piano, yearning violin and jazz-influenced drums. The washes of psychedelia plus Frances’ ability to really stretch a note, happily invite Weyes Blood comparisons. The lyrics speak of the trivial nature of arguments, and the importance of forgiveness, “Oh the skies won’t fall over things we said / in the hour after light it’s my very last thought”. Speaking on the track, Frances says: “Here in the Dark’ is a song about forgiveness and the fragility of love, making mistakes and owning up to them.” 

Land of No Junction is out 17 January on Basin Rock (UK) and Ba Da Bing

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