New song: Pet Crow – What We Doin’?

‘I feel seen’ would be an adequate, Twitter-friendly response to Pet Crow’s new single ‘What We Doin’?’ The Derby punks ask, ‘What are we doing?’  – a question that the band and listener alike can’t possibly respond to with a logical answer. Like, seriously what are we doing? Why are we on this planet? Why have we created a system that requires us to ‘go to work’ every day? What is the point of anything when death awaits us all? Luckily, Pet Crow take the edge off such pertinent questions with sharp riffs and a rambunctious chorus. Danielle Ross’ aloof and detached vocals compliment the song’s subject matter perfectly, “We don’t know what we’re doing anymore / who knows what they’re doing? / who’s keeping score?” A drawn-out breakdown fools you into thinking the end is nigh, until the quartet hit the restart button with marching drums and jolting guitar, allowing for one final blast of that chorus. ‘What We Doin’?’ acknowledges the futility of life whilst also inviting us to throw the shackles off and enjoy it whilst we can. 

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