Five Right Now: Wished Bone

Following the release of her sumptuous record ‘Sap Season’, Wished Bone (Ashley Rhodus) tells us about five current tracks she’s loving right now.

Check out Wished Bone’s ‘Five Right Now’ selections below:

Planet Jackpot – Strouds Run

When I first saw Planet Jackpot perform in Athens,OH I was sort of blown away with the extreme raw and personal elements of the performance. It felt like watching the small child in yourself, at home on a friday night, singing and dancing in the mirror. It felt like the performance equivalent of a diary. Planet Jackpot is a celestial being, forced to take human form on planet earth, where he is currently stuck. In his own words, “Barely able to function inside of his new flesh sack, he is disgusted by the destruction humans have brought on earth planet and themselves. He figured if he was gunna be stuck here he might make some music with his new found like minded human comrades to pass the time.” Planet Jackpot uses lots of submitted material from other people, which he mutates into a sort of collage of his own art mashed with the art of the humans whom he meets. Musically, “A wrestling heel doing drag.” 

Rose Dorn – Dirt

I played a show with Rose Dorn at Public Pool Space, which is the exact opposite of what it sounds. “Private Pool Space” is more on the nose, but it’s a lovely little backyard DIY space in the valley. Being it the first show in that space, there were slight issues with the PA, so we all had to play pretty quiet. We pieced together a PA by using guitar amps. I feel lucky to have experienced rose dorn in that way – hushed, sweet and slow. My favorite song of theirs is Dirt, but their new album Days You Were Leaving is wonderful too.

Bleach Day – Lets Be Strangers

I was lucky to experience Bleach Day first hand, flying to Vermont to record Cellar Belly in their home studio. They provided much of the backing instrumentation for the record, but their music shines in its own right. Originally spurred from the home tape recordings of Vinny Marksohn and Louie Kiley, Bleach Day released their full-length debut, Where to Dream, in 2016. It’s release was met with praise from blogs such as Buried Muse (now Idle House) and Earmilk. Seven Days called the album “…an eight-song sonic tapestry of analog whirrs, screwy samples and, at its core, beautiful, sun-bleached lo-fi pop.” My favorite track of theirs is Let’s Be Strangers, but look out for new music soon. Bleach Day is currently finishing a new LP while sporadically touring the US and Canada with their four-piece band, having appeared at festivals such as POP Montreal and Waking Windows.

Skirts – Dream Girl

A band that I was lucky enough to tour the country with. Alex has a beautiful way of mixing gut-wrenching feeling with lighthearted words. Their writing is subtle and immersive at the same time. Seeing them play live every night was such a treat and I never got bored of hearing songs like Dream Girl, but be sure to check out their newest release of demos and a cover “abcdefg sides,” up on bandcamp now.

The Lentils – mama’s boy

I worked at a bar in LA that had karaoke on the weekends, and after a few years, I’d developed the sanity saving skill of tuning out any most karaoke performances. Then, there was a moment I snapped out of it and realized someone was singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from the Annie soundtrack. I’m not kidding when I say the performance moved me. It was weirdly beautiful and somehow not cheesy at all. This was the first time I heard Luke of The Lentils, one of my favorite bands in LA. I then realized my partner already owned their album on vinyl and would play it a lot alone in my apartment. I’d go on to see The Lentils perform in town, and although their recordings are beautiful in their own right, I’d highly recommend seeing them live. A sweet and hearty family band who’s performance creates its own universe.

‘Sap Season’ is out now

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