New song: Eve Owen – She Says

At 14 I certainly did not have the presence of mind to realise how much I’d lucked out with my parents. Rather, I was beset by a sense of rebellion, convinced that every telling off was an outrageous injustice rather than a simple attempt to put me on the right path.

Eve Owen, however, was keenly aware of how lucky she was to have parents like hers. So much so that she wrote a gorgeous ballad about their unfailing reliability to be there for her, no matter what. Six years on and Owen is now releasing a more developed incarnation of that teenage-borne track. The National’s Arron Dessner is on production duties – Owen appeared on their most recent record, ‘I Am Easy To Find’ and on the resulting tour – though he’s happy to take a backseat, Owen’s obvious talent granted the space to shine alone. Her voice has a unique tonal depth to it, something that’s accentuated by the track’s sparse instrumentation – little more than a lone piano. “She said, I’m coming for you” she sings in the chorus, perhaps remarking on her mother’s willingness to drop everything whenever her daughter wound up in a potentially threatening situation. Owen goes on to imagine what life would be like without such supportive parents, “You never been there before / I’m not waiting anymore / you said you had an open door”, her voice soaring, its heightened emotion matched by swelling, intensifying keys. The finale of lustrous violin and delicate piano playing absorbs you entirely, before an unremarkable piano drop brings about an abrupt end. The transcendence Owen wrought upon us gone in the blink of an eye.           

‘She Says’ is out now on 37d03d

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