New song: Hannah Ashcroft – Landfire

The debut single from Manchester’s very own, Hannah Ashcroft is a tale of two halves. The first half of ‘Landfire’ possesses a country-western like cool to it. The slinky bassline plus Ashcroft’s aloof vocal give off a Texan desert vibe as if a cowboy has just cantered past, leaving a sky filled with circling dust particles in their wake. The second half, however, sees Ashcroft shed this disguise entirely, her voice overtaken by an irrepressible passion, the now rampant guitars adding fuel to her fire. “Get off my case / get off my case” she rails, her voice booming rather than shrinking as the band makes their presence known. Though Ashcroft has previously flirted with acoustic folk, it’s clear she’s at her most potent when leading a band. This is a vital debut single, and though her fire has only just been lit, we expect it to rage on for some time yet.

‘Landfire’ is out now

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