Five Right Now: The Gotobeds

The Gotobeds made a typically tight return earlier this year with their third full-length ‘Debt Begins at 30’. The guitars are bashed within an inch of their death, the drums pulsating and the vocals full of star quality – each track features at least one guest vocalist, sometimes two, sometimes three.

The Pittsburgh garage-rockers are currently touring the record across Europe. Singer/guitarist Eli Kasan took some time out to tell us about his five favourite current acts.

Check out The Gotobeds ‘Five Right Now’ selections below:

Spray Paint – Alcohol Surface

The band and I have both toured with Protomartyr. First time I saw them live I knew this and used it to heckle them mercilessly when they played–they were funny as fuck and took it well. Have been enamoured with them since! No band sounds like Spray Paint–I’m sure there is touchstones or reference points, but luckily on their newest release Into The Country, those lines are blurred. Taste Alcohol Surface and see for yrself

Total Control – Carpet Rash

Like any other person with a functioning brain I pay close attention to most things coming out of Australia, and being an Eddy Current Obsessive making the leap to Total Control is a no-brainer. I love all of their shit,but prefer the first lp where they were a little more streamlined and scrappier. Here’s Carpet Rash, which is a fitting title! While we’re at it – Iron Lung Records, which released this lp is a lodestar in terms of quality and quantity. 

Kaleidoscope – Scorched Earth

 Fell in love with them after my friend Kevin who runs the excellent What’s Yr Rupture? records talked up their 7″. Homespun in the best sense, hardcore that’s not fast or hard, art rock that’s not pretentious or outwardly arty, the band walks several fine lines. I’m including the track that got me hooked (Scorched Earth), but their lp that came out this year is aces too.

Chronophage – Double Suicide 2

Another recommendation from a friend (Hey Cosloy!) netted me the finest messthetics/homework style shambolic punk band in the land – which is high praise! Not dissimilar from the Homosexuals, but they 100% have their own vibe. Double Summer is my jam, and this year I got to see the Austin group play it on my birthday in Pittsburgh : ) 

Empty Beings – A Whole Ending 

These fools are from Pittsburgh too and they just released a new lp (like last month). Shame that they’re not more well known outside of Pittsburgh because live they’ve blown most other things I’ve seen out of the water (yours truly included). They were kind enough to ask me to layout the lp, but you’ll look beyond this back-scratching and enjoy the songs, OK?? 

Tour dates:

25/11 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

26/11 – The Islington, London

27/11 – Paradiso, Amsterdam

29/11 – Vero, Groningen

‘Debt Begins at 30’ is out now on Sub Pop

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