New song: Camille Christel – Goldsmith Street

It’s pitch black, needles of rain fall in the glow of street lamps, whilst underfoot cars race by in both directions and pedestrians search for a place to shelter. That’s the scene I visualise when listening to Camille Christel’s ‘Goldsmith Street’ – the 19-year-old’s field recordings of pissing rain, bird calling plus her stark instrumentation result in a song that’s as pleasing visually as it is audibly. 

The crux of the track is an infectious melodic hook that goes, “I miss train rides and the back of your spine / I haven’t seen it in a while / I haven’t seen you in a while.” Christel isn’t content to sing this hook over again, though that would make a pleasant enough listen, rather she pulls the threads out and nits into existence something new – a soundscape that features slow heartbeat-like percussion, stirring violin and a sample of Christel’s voice spiralling above. Christel is brave enough to transcend traditional song structures, to deconstruct and rebuild anew. ‘Goldsmith Street’ could announce the arrival of a true visionary. 

‘Goldsmith Street’ is out now on Dalliance Recordings

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