My pet: Cross Record

Emily Cross put out her third full-length under the Cross Record moniker back in August. Though the lead single ‘PYSOL My Castle’ was poppier than anything she’d done before, the self-titled album remained true to her experimental roots. Invest your time in it and it will bring you innumerable joys, each listen unearths something new to luxuriate in. Cross also makes up one-third of Loma, who released their self-titled debut on Sub Pop last year.

Outside of music, Cross works as an end-of-life doula, providing support and comfort to people who are dying. Cross’ Chiuaua Pepita assists her work as an end-of-life doula- many people gain comfort from an animal presence in the final throes of life; Pepita also accompanies Cross when she tours her music. She wrote us a little essay about ‘Pepi’ below:

“I’ve always had lots of animals around in my life. When I was a kid I had two hedgehogs, Roxy and Elliot. They had babies, and one day I walked in on Roxy eating them. I was horrified, and I found out that when the mom feels threatened or thinks the babies are in danger, she might eat them because having the nutrients for herself is better than the predator having them. That made me very sad, and it probably taught me a lesson, though I’m not sure what lesson that was, exactly.

Years on from that horrifying discovery, I decided that I wanted a companion to go along with me to my clients’ bedsides. I work as an end-of-life doula, and I was in search of a calm energy for those who are dying. Lots of people find comfort in an animal presence at the end of life. I also just love dogs and felt the absence of one as a sort of hole in my heart.

I looked in Austin Animal Center and found a beautiful Chiwawa in search of a new home. We rescued her and named her Pepita, we call her ‘Pepi’ most of the time though. She has brought great joy to my life. Pepi is the calmest and most chill dog you have ever met- her personality is cool, understated and sweet. She never barks except in her sleep, and I wonder what she is dreaming of?

She goes with me everywhere. Recently, she came on our month-long US tour. We stuck to our feeding and medication routine, and I booked pet-friendly lodging. She stayed in her crate in the green room while we played; it really was not a bother. She was a welcome addition to the crew.”

Cross Record is out now on Ba Da Bing Records

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