New song: Josienne Clarke – Slender, Sad and Sentimental

Earlier this month, Josienne Clarke released her charming debut, ‘In All Weather’. ‘Slender, Sad and Sentimental’ is easily its most jovial moment, a self-referencing track where Clarke ‘writes about writing a catchy single in the style of a catchy single’. The chorus is a certified foot-stomper, Clarke’s jocular alliteration – “poise, poetry and pride…slender, sad and sentimental” – perching above full-bodied guitars and pulsating drums. Though the chorus is great, the moments of melancholy and complexity that hem it in are perhaps the song’s greatest strengths. The end of the first chorus sees the arrival of a reeding, brooding guitar and lyrics that are both thorny and macabre, “I’m grinning with gritted teeth, I’ve been yearning at you, gurning at you”. While, in another moment, the song disintegrates entirely revealing its bare bones of pensive keys and introspective guitar strums. Catchy, complex and captivating. 

’In all Weather’ is out now on Rough Trade Records

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