New song: Sun June – Terrified

Though Sun June have just one full-length behind them, the Austin quintet have quickly become one of our most reliable bands. Such was the quality of their debut ‘Years’, they achieved a status of dependability normally only afforded to well-seasoned bands. When you read of a new Sun June release, you never question if it’s going to succeed or disappoint, you just know it’s going to be great.

Their new song ‘Terrified’ was written and recorded as part of the Song Confessional Project, where artists are asked to turn anonymous stories into original songs. Each song has a corresponding podcast, featuring the “confession” that inspired the original song and an interview with the artist. 

When bands are commissioned to make songs for specific projects or compilations, you often fear that the resulting track might be half-arsed, incomplete, a binned demo rehashed and reworked. ‘Terrified’, however, sees Sun June embody the anonymous storytellers entirely, taking their experiences and transforming them into a song that’s completely unique, into a song that could comfortably hold its own on any album.

The band are as nuanced and understated as ever, ceding space to Colwell’s breathy, enchanting vocal. “I didn’t like the song / ‘till I heard you sing along to it / crying cause I can’t hold on to anything”. It is luxuriant, a state of bliss to sink into and never arise from. After just a few listens you’ll find yourself mumbling along to it, like all the best songs, ‘Terrified’ instantly feels like something you’ve known your entire life. 

‘Terrified’ is out now

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