New song: Sofia Wolfson – Party Favors

Sofia Wolfson’s ‘Adulting’ was one of 2019’s best EPs. And the 20-year-old is quick off the mark in 2020, with new single ‘Party Favors’ arriving just eight days after the clock struck midnight.  The verse has a breezy languor Faye Webster would be proud of, whilst the air-punching chorus invites you to throw off your shackles and indulge in a carefree singalong. It’s the perfect introduction to Wolfson and one you’ll hit repeat on as soon as the guitar rings out. 

Speaking of the track, the LA songwriter said: “This song was recorded around the time of my last EP, but immediately had a different energy to it. I knew I wanted to release it separately. I wrote it while I was going to college in Boston when everything I was writing at that time was incredibly sad and slow and I needed to change it up a bit. I’ve always loved songs that sonically seem to be giving off one mood, while lyrically depicting another. ‘Party Favors’ stemmed out of an old frustration I had with a friend in high school who I played music with. The lyrics attempt to capture the feeling of not understanding a person’s motives or actions, of feeling like you thought you knew someone well but start becoming incredibly distant. And out of that frustration comes the song’s constant reminder that the person you’re in conflict with is just “bone and blood,” just one person in a world of billions. I think that lyric was me encouraging myself to redirect my focus.”

UK tour dates:

14th – The Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Purple Pilgrims)  

15th – Rough Trade East, London (Matinee Show)

15th – The Line of Best Fit’s Five Day Forecast, The Lexington, London 

16th – Oporto, Leeds 

17th – Surf Café, Newcastle 

18th – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow (w/ Molly Linen) 

‘Party Favors’ is out now

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