Premiere: Greg Mendez – Bike

Today we’re premiering the first single from Greg Mendez’ forthcoming record ‘Cherry Hell’. Though ‘Bike’ lasts just 93 seconds and comprises of fairly minimal instrumentation, the spectrum of emotions and feelings it manages to imbue within those limiting strictures goes beyond logic. The Philadelphian songwriter’s weary, latent vocals contrast the peppy acoustic guitar as he ticks off a list of people he’d prefer to be over himself; you probably fall down the same self-loathing hole every time you open Instagram. As a nostalgia-inducing synth joins the party and Mendez’ stream of consciousness becomes increasingly unhinged, “I want to fuck on ecstasy”, his adeptness at constructing vivid paintings comes to the fore. There’s a freedom and guile to ‘Bike’, its optimistic instrumentation ignites a child-like recklessness within you. With it by your side, you’ll feel like you can be whoever you want to be. 

‘Cherry Hell’ is out February 28 on Devil Town Tapes (UK) & Forged Artifacts (US)

Header photo by Veronica Isley

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