New song: The Early Mornings – Artificial Flavour

The Early Mornings are Manchester’s best new band. I first saw the three-piece support Porridge Radio in April of last year and found myself captivated by their bounding riffs and political poetry. Annie Leader’s apathetic singing style felt reflective of a young generation whose voices and votes count for very little within our ageing population. Today, the world gets to hear them for the first time, more than a year after their first show. 

‘Artificial Flavour’ reaffirms the punk ethos of the 70s that all you need for a good pop song is a really strong riff. That parading riff is the song’s axle, the scaffolding from which they build. From there, Leader’s guitar jousts and spars for power with Danny’s bass. The chorus sees Leader deliver her most devastating line, snarling “And everyone I know is sick”. Those words signal the return of the central riff, now bolstered by Rhys’ booming drums as Leader concludes that “the dream was blurred”. Modern life is rubbish but with songs this catchy, The Early Mornings make it all that bit more bearable. 

‘Artificial Flavour’ is out now on Safe Suburban Home

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