Premiere: Eilis Frawley – Leave The House

I first heard Eilis Frawley on Get In Her Ears’ reliably brilliant Hoxton FM show. Though the heart-rate monitor resembling synths and experimental percussion of her debut single ‘Illusions’ caught my attention, it was Frawley’s on-the-nose lyrics that really stopped me in my tracks, ‘business will kill us / when do you have fun?’ she questioned, forcing me to introspect.

Today we’re exclusively streaming ‘Leave The House’ from her EP ‘Never Too Emotional‘, which is out this Friday on Reckless Yes. It opens in a typically idiosyncratic style, with nearly a minute of churning, haunting ambience. This ends dramatically with a sudden drumroll that’s followed by an almost gallingly persistent kick-drum. From there, we segue into another soundscape made up of a voyaging bass line and glistening synths. Like a malfunctioning robot, it’s stop start, start stop, stop start. Frawley’s speaking voice is the only constant, sarcastically repeating advice that anxiety sufferers like myself hear relentlessly, “you’ll feel better if you leave the house.” Bold and uncompromising.  

‘Never Too Emotional’ is out Friday 07 Feb on Reckless Yes

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