Premiere: Jane Herships – Scott Carpenter

A permanent fixture of the New York DIY scene, Jane Herships has ditched her Spider moniker, releasing music under her own name for the first time. Today we’re premiering ‘Scott Carpenter’, the second single from forthcoming full-length ‘The Home Record’, following on from ‘Best Friend’. Written about astronaut Scott Carpenter, who was forever curious about the world around him, the song is as winsome as the man it pays tribute to. Driven along by an effervescent acoustic guitar, ‘Scott Carpenter’ rolls along at a pleasurable pace, like a train presenting a shifting slideshow of breath-taking views. Warm, astral synths lift us into the chorus, Herships granting us freedom from the mundanity of daily life, our heads bobbing in the clouds. “It’s a long way to the ground from here” she sings, and for a minute reality really does feel distant, making the landing all the more devastating when the song fades to nothing.

Speaking of the track, Herships says: “I wrote this song after having read about the life of of astronaut Scott Carpenter and feeling really inspired.  His life was dedicated to exploration and science strictly for the purpose of expanding his knowledge of the world around him. I wish that there were more people today in the public eye that were celebrated for their curiosity and wonder.  There is so much to learn and explore in this world and I want to feel inspired by the people who are brave enough to do that and that in itself is beautiful.  

“I asked artist Arielle Sarnoff to make the video for this song.  Her work is really whimsical and beautiful and she is really good at telling a story.  But there is also a mischievous or fun quality to a lot of her videos and images so I thought she could have fun with this song.”

The Home Record is out Friday 28 February

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