New song: Julia-Sophie – x0x

After years of playing in rock band Little Fish and, more recently, dream pop collective Candy Says, Julia-Sophie has decided to fly solo. Lead single ‘x0x’ taken from forthcoming EP ‘Y’ is in the singer’s own words, a ‘welcome to her electronic world’. 

The drum machine is perhaps the most prominent feature in Julia-Sophie’s new world. From the get-go of ‘x0x’, its beats are persistent, clawing even, providing a soil bed for the song to grow from. In line with the algorithmic song title, Julia-Sophie’s voice is robotic, singing “It’s hard to shake feelings I have / makes time pass slow” in a monotone that purposely contradicts the emotive potency of the words themselves. A warm synth which could provide an uninterrupted soundtrack to a spa swimming pool soon enters, along with a fleeting handclap, the inherent calm of both distilling the drum machine’s insistent clamour. An afrobeat-indebted thud drives ‘x0x’ to a frantic conclusion, perspiration dripping from the huddled hoards as they shield their eyes from an epileptic strobe. An intriguing entry point to a world well worth exploring.    

‘x0x’ is out now

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