Interview: Advance Base

Empathy is what makes Advance Base stand out as a musician. The Orindal Records boss – one of our favourite labels in the world – has a unique ability to inhabit characters entirely. The fact he can write an album about dog lovers though he professes not to be a huge one himself is testimony […]

Interview: Patience

Following the break-up of Veronica Falls, lead singer Roxanne Clifford went back to her guitar and recorded the final songs she ever wrote for the band. The intention was for these songs to make up her first solo record yet for Clifford it just didn’t feel right. The Manchester-born musician felt she was simply treading […]

Interview: Julia Shapiro

Julia Shapiro has given over most of her adult life to Chastity Belt. The band, she sings and plays guitar in, started eight years ago when she was just 20. In those years Chastity Belt have forever been on the album-touring treadmill. Halfway through the tour for their third album ‘I Used To Spend So […]

Interview: Slingshot Dakota

Husband-and-wife duo Slingshot Dakota released their fifth and finest album yet, ‘Heavy Banding’ a fortnight ago. We loved its Hollywood keys and Carly’s raw, hungry child-like, vocals so much we made it our album of the week. The Pennsylvania duo bring their PDA romance to British shores soon, playing alongside the incredible Fresh. Ahead of […]

Interview: Dehd

Chicago trio Dehd couldn’t sound more classic if they tried. Their scuzzy, infectious riffs could be pulled straight from an MC5 record, yet whether it’s the jousting voices of lead singers Emily Kempf and Jason Balla or their stood-up sticksman Eric McGrady, there’s something wonderfully idiosyncratic about Dehd. Their new album ‘Water’ documents Kemp and […]

Interview: Field Medic

Field Medic has saved his most honest album yet for his first proper full-length release on Run for Cover Records. The once prolific Bandcamp artist contends that the “only good song is an honest one” and on ‘fade into the dawn’ Kevin Patrick – the IRL name of Field Medic – channels his experiences of […]

Interview: Faith Eliott

Though originally from Minneapolis, singer-songwriter Faith Eliott is Scottish at heart. Faith moved to Scotland at age 16 and they’ve given their new home as much as they’ve taken from it, initially Faith floated around in Edinburgh’s DIY scene contributing their art and music before they set up OK Pal Records with their friend Hailey […]