Track by track: Fauvely

Thirty seconds in to ‘Fall Asleep To TV’ and the repetitive, layered vocals and rolling drums vanish, leaving Sophie Brochu, the artist behind Fauvely, alone with barely a strumming guitar for company. Initially her voice is controlled, before she howls “I’m so fucking crazy at the way things turned out,” her voice faltering, on the […]

Track by Track: Flying Fish Cove

Dena Zilber is an incredibly visual songwriter. The Flying Fish Cove singer often sits alone in the evening, images and vivid memories floating through her mind, often acting as a cue for her to pick up the guitar. The amazing fruit and flowers that bloomed everywhere while Zilber fell for Flying Fish Cove guitarist Jake […]

Track by track: Mammoth Penguins

From the moment I heard Emma Kupa sing ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, fuck it all, fuck it all, fuck it all’ on ‘I Wanna’, the lead single from Mammoth Penguins’ third album ‘There’s No Fight We Both Can’t Win’, I couldn’t help but become a Mammoth Penguins fanboy.  With an […]

Track by track: German Error Message

German Error Message’s music is forever on the periphery. Like the sun rising in the distance, it’s beautiful to watch yet it’s heat never assaults your senses nor causes sweat to form. Nashville’s Paul Kintzing, the man behind German Error Message, has been perfecting his curious blend of acoustic guitar, analog tape loops, digital sampling […]

Track by track: Alexia Avina

I listened to Alexia Avina for the first time just over a fortnight ago. I went in blind, the only hint I had to what she might sound like was the genre given to her by Apple Music – Alternative Folk. These meagre words were absolutely no preparation for what was to come. ‘All That […]