A thousand thank yous / a new beginning

Picture by Paul Kintzing (German Error Message) As I write this and relive our time from start to end ~ as a music blog, tears moisten my eyes, the mud at the riverside left soft and sticky, the defences specked with salt but not overcome.  When I started this, I thought my motivation was simple – the […]

New song: A.O. Gerber – In The Morning

‘In The Morning’ is the towering lead single from LA-based artist A.O. Gerber’s forthcoming debut record ‘Another Place to Need’. After a cleansing, revitalising start, the true colours of ‘In The Morning’ shine fiery red, Gerber letting loose in a rage which refuses to simmer until the song burns out. Though balm-like in the beginning, […]

Album of the Week: JFDR – New Dreams

‘New Dreams’ is the eighth album Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR) has released in eight years. It is only her second full-length under the JFDR moniker, the other six emerging from projects like Pascal Pinon, a folk duo she formed with her twin sister at the age of 14, Samaris, an electronic trio she started at the […]

Premiere: Alf Whitby – Mountain (For Change)

It’s funny that Manchester songwriter Alf Whitby’s artwork always features nature. His songs suspend you in a silence similar to that experienced by neighbours looking out at a blood moon, a solar eclipse, a crimson sky. You just stand and admire, watch it play out in front of you. Words cannot suffice.  ‘Mountain (For Change)’ […]

Album review: Ratboys – Printer’s Devil

By Sarah Ross If you read any music blogs or follow any indie music Twitter accounts, chances are you’ve heard of Ratboys. If you follow the Canadian outfit PUP, with whom Ratboys toured last fall, you’ve almost definitely heard of Ratboys. And if you follow Bernie Sanders and his campaign stops, particularly that of Jan. […]