New song: Mannequin Pussy – Who You Are

Always on the ball, it’s apt that Mannequin Pussy’s latest single ‘Who Are You’ takes on power structures just days after Alabama essentially outlawed abortion. While it isn’t about power structures *ahem white men* controlling what we do with our bodies, it is about their power to make us inflict hatred on our bodies and […]

Track by track: Fauvely

Thirty seconds in to ‘Fall Asleep To TV’ and the repetitive, layered vocals and rolling drums vanish, leaving Sophie Brochu, the artist behind Fauvely, alone with barely a strumming guitar for company. Initially her voice is controlled, before she howls “I’m so fucking crazy at the way things turned out,” her voice faltering, on the […]

Album of the week: Olden Yolk – Living Theatre

Taking their name from the writings of late 19th century to early 20th century Buddhist Monk Manathera Ladi Sayadaw, it’s no surprise that the mood board for Olden Yolk’s ‘Living Theatre‘ largely comes from centuries gone by. Their music is ornate, reminiscent of the tiled floors of Marrakesh and the intricate designs that sprawl over […]

Video premiere: Flower Crown – Breathe

After impressing the algorithms with their latest single, so much so that they ended up on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, Flower Crown are back with new single ‘Breathe.’ Today we’re premiering the accompanying music video. Their forthcoming record ‘Sundries’ is split between the atmospheric psyche of vocal heavy guitar-based tracks and lush, pop-leaning songs. ‘Breathe’ […]

New song: Stef Chura – Sweet Sweet Midnight

‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’, the final single from Stef Chura’s forthcoming album ‘Midnight’, is her strongest yet. While the previous singles ‘Method Man’ and ‘They’ll Never’ had Will Toledo aka Car Seat Headrest on production duties, this time Chura invites Toledo to move from behind the mixing desk and join her up front. In spite of […]

Premiere: noid – paradiselost

Awakening from your slumber, you look out of the window to see a bird take its’ first flight of the day, circling against a backdrop of crumbling white cliffs. Japan’s noid provide the perfect soundtrack for these kind of scenes. They make music that is massive, glacial and earth-shifting. Today we premiere their first ever […]

New song: Haybaby – Get Down

Our first introduction to Brooklyn trio Haybaby came with the droll, slackrock of ‘Total Bore’. Like rainclouds moving in and out of sight, it ebbed and flowed with a virulent air. Follow-up single ‘Get Down’, the second from their forthcoming album ‘They Get There’, is an epistle on self-preservation. In the three years since their […]