New Song: Julien Baker – Tokyo

There are few artists able to command your attention so entirely as Julien Baker. Whatever household task your involved in, her voice sounding from your speakers instantly stops you in your tracks, the washing you’re carrying instantly becoming weightless.  Her new single ‘Tokyo’ – part of the Sub Pop singles series – is no different. […]

Interview: Frankie Cosmos

By Anjali DasSarma “Does anyone wanna hear the 40 songs I wrote this year?” Frankie Cosmos asks. And yes, after hearing 21, we absolutely do. Frankie Cosmos has done it again. Close it Quietly, released on Sub Pop, captures Greta Kline’s genius into a cohesive album.  Though the recent “Haunted Items” series was a bit […]

New song: Shannon Lay – Nowhere

‘Nowhere soon / Soon we’ll get to nowhere / And we’ll talk to no-one / And not meet them.’ These are the words that wedge the start and finish of ‘Nowhere’, Shannon Lay’s lead single from upcoming album ‘August’ – her first on Sub Pop. What happens in between these words sang sparsely over acoustic […]