Video chats: Laura Stevenson

Dreams are fleeting and illusory, yet occasionally they bleed into daily life like when you find yourself in the green room interviewing one of the world’s finest songwriters. This happened last week when we headed backstage, with our pals Show Stream TV, to interview Laura Stevenson. Ahead of her latest album ‘The Big Freeze,’ Stevenson […]

Video chats: Nervus

Prolific songwriter Em Foster navigates the harsh realities faced by trans women and her addiction struggles when singing with her band Nervus. The Watford-based rock band have released two albums – Permanent Rainbow and Everything Dies -that tackle these issues face-on, their unflinching honesty winning them an army of devoted fans. Nervus just played to […]

Video chats: Sidney Gish

Boston’s Sidney Gish makes music that’s both relatable and hilarious. With song titles like ‘I Eat Salads Now’ and lyrics like “Two-faced bitches never lie / And therefore I never lie” Gish is an artist that revels in the banal sharing characteristics with Frankie Cosmos and Palehound. With glowing reviews from Pitchfork and The Guardian […]