New song/video: Jeremy Tuplin – Humans

I first heard Jeremy Tuplin courtesy of my religious devotion to For the Rabbits’ ‘Five things we loved this week’ – it’s a round-up of all the favourite music they hear each week. What immediately struck me about Jeremy’s music was how downright cheerful his songs sounded in spite of their mellow, wandering soundscapes.

‘Humans’, the third single from upcoming album ‘Pink Mirror’, possesses that same distinct quality. It’s about Jeremy’s unconditional love for us curious beings in our various states of existence: when we’re dragging ourselves to work at ungodly hours with our coats zipped up tight, when we’re talking shit in a bar after a few drinks, when we’re trying to convince ourselves we know everything there’s to know about life though in reality it’s a complete mystery.

Jeremy has an incredibly deep voice but the way he sings reveals the cheeky, funny human behind it. He reminds me of Jarvis Cocker a little if Jarvis didn’t have the creepy sex-obsessed gaze that peeks out the corner of all his work.

In the video Jeremy makes himself part of the human maelstrom, observing commuters as they walk around London. He holds a sign saying ‘humans I love you’ but people rushing to work rarely notice it and walk straight past with their headphones on. The drums join in halfway through and Jeremy changes location to find the workers in their evening spots, drinking in a pink Sohoesque bar. By now they’re more receptive, delighted at his sign and even happy to pose to the camera with it in their hands. The video reflects a microcosm of the human experience from when we’re miserable and focused in the morning to us letting our hair down and enjoying the company of friends and strangers in the evening. Jeremy loves us whichever state he finds us in.

Pink Mirror is out 5 April on Trapped Animal Records.

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