Album of the week: Ancient Pools – Cosine

There are few better sights in nature than the sun’s glimmer reflecting in a body of water. Ancient Pools’ debut album ‘Cosine’ could soundtrack that view, the punchy percussion would be the rise and fall of the water, the shimmering synths, the blinding shards of light and Anna Jeter’s subtle vocal, the warm orange glow.

The Portland-via-Olympia duo have nailed their sound so much that it’s nearly impossible to believe that this is just their debut album. Jeter and Kevin Christopher, the other half of the duo, never over-embellish with many of the album’s songs falling under the two and a half minute mark.

The duo’s soundscapes exist in a realm of their own, they defy gravity as they float unassumingly on the listeners’ subconscious. In one moment Ancient Pools are playful and tender, and in another they’re despairing and reflective – there’s an undercurrent of sadness here if you look hard enough. Jeter wrote half of this record in isolation after uprooting herself from Atlanta and spending a primitive summer alone in the woods of North Carolina, and whatever sadness she felt out there comes through.

These songs don’t act as a vehicle for you to despair in sad thoughts but instead for you to figure them through. On Quarry, Jeter sings “if your head is heavy come float with me” – it’s an invitation you can’t refuse.

Cosine is out now on Forged Artifacts

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