Video premiere: Flower Crown – Breathe

After impressing the algorithms with their latest single, so much so that they ended up on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, Flower Crown are back with new single ‘Breathe.’ Today we’re premiering the accompanying music video.

Their forthcoming record ‘Sundries’ is split between the atmospheric psyche of vocal heavy guitar-based tracks and lush, pop-leaning songs. ‘Breathe’ definitely belongs to the former. Built around a wiry guitar riff and an encircling bass that ties itself around you, ‘Breathe’ harnesses its’ power from what it doesn’t do. It’s reminiscent of ambient music in that its’ structure is so repetitive and hypnotic that the smallest change has the biggest effect. 

It’s a beautiful stupor to find yourself in though, even if the tiny changes act like  needle pricks along the way. It’s drenched in reverb and backed by translucent, ghostlike vocals that lull you into a state of semi-consciousness. The unhealthy-sounding coughs at the end certainly bring you back to reality, but for the rest of its’ running time you are completely in its’ thrall. ‘Breathe’ is a place of refuge to hide in during darker times. 

The video shows the band in a police line up-like scenario. Like the song, each shot showing tiny changes, whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or a hot dog costume, up against the crumbling white wall. 

Sundries is out on Crafted Sounds on May 24. 

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