New song: Amy O – Rest Stop

Amy O’s ‘Rest Stop’ is a lilting ballad reminiscent of that liminal space between sleep and waking up. Ambling lightly on your subconscious, it’s rhythm floats undramatically up and down, a tide going in and out spraying water gently over your bare feet. Written shortly after she moved home and left her job of five years, ‘Rest Stop’ is susceptible to the irresistible glow of nostalgia, its often illusory charm like a beacon of light stealing her gaze from the present day. Like the devil on your shoulder, it says ‘things were better back then’. Amy O though is wise too its oft-used tricks, singing “A lot of things have changed / a lot of things remain the same”. A refreshing and honest take on life and its permutations. 

‘Rest Stop’ is the second single taken from Amy O’s forthcoming record ‘Shell’, out 25 October on Winspear

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