New song: Bedroom – Gulf

Hypnagogia is the mental phenomena that occurs in the transition from sleep to wakefulness. When dreams and real-life intersect transporting you to a semi-conscious blur. Bedroom’s (Noah Kittinger) latest single ‘Gulf’ captures that liminality perfectly, its triangulating guitar and Kittinger’s soothing, lethargic vocal lulling the listener into a meditative state. A lightly threading bass and woozy Frank Ocean-like synths hover in and out, pricking the listener awake momentarily. The waters do shift direction eventually, a shimmying acoustic guitar and riffing saxophone forcing the boat to dock temporarily on a Balearic beach. Normality is soon restored though, as delicate percussion pushes us back into the ocean blue as Kittinger’s voice soars like a bird above that wordlessly we watch until we can’t see it anymore.

‘Gulf’ is out now

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