Five Right Now: Alice Boman

Alice Boman’s quietly stirring ‘Dream On’, released earlier this month, confirmed the Swedish songwriter as a talent well worth watching. Boman kindly told us about five current tracks she’s loving right now. Dive in.

John Maus – Do Your Best

To me there’s something so comforting about this song. And melancholic. When it comes on, it always makes me feel a certain way. I think it’s the combination of how he sings (and the lyrics) and how the warm and big sound of the instruments is almost drowning it. 

Aldous Harding – Elation

This song is so beautiful and captivating. I love how sparse it is.  I actually discovered it through a live session and watching Aldous sing is really something special, she’s intense. In a good way. You can’t resist it. 

Amason – You Don’t Have To Call Me

A friend of mine is the singer of this band and I first heard this song in her car last winter, driving home in the dark after a day skiing. I loved it right away and have listened to it countless times since. 

Hey Elbow – Back To Reality

I just love this band and their sound. We met a couple of years ago on a party and now they are actually my band when I play live and I feel so lucky to have them with me on stage. They are such great and special musicians. 

Weyes Blood – Do You Need My Love

This song feels like an old classic somehow. But then there are these sudden turns. And I love Weyes Bloods’ voice, it really stands out. I saw her live in Barcelona once and it was magic.  

‘Dream On’ is out now on Play It Again Sam

Tour dates:

23/02 – Latest Musicbar, Brighton

24/02 – Gulliver’s, Manchester

25/02 – Union Chapel, London

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