Five Right Now: The Innocence Mission

Husband-and-wife duo The Innocence Mission released their 11th album, ‘See You Tomorrow’, on 17 January. In our ‘Album of the Week’ review, we said: “‘See You Tomorrow’ is an affront to the division politicians and news agencies seek to incite within us, a head-shakingly beautiful testament to the fears and dreams that live within us all, no matter our skin colour, our birthplace or our gender.” Read the full review here.

Today Karen and Don Peris drop by to tell us about five current artists they admire. Check out their choices below:

Karen’s selections:

Tiny Ruins- Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens

Even if just for the title, I would love this song by Hollie Fullbrook. But the song itself is amazing and is a world you can enter and walk around inside of.  Another endearing song of many, from Some Were Meant For Sea, is Cat in the Hallway. 

Junip-  Line of Fire

We have been listening to Jose Gonzales for the past few years and could mention many of his songs, and our admiration for his complex rhythmic, low guitar patterns, but one of the most compelling is Line of Fire, recorded with his band Junip. The emotional impact of this song doesn’t seem to diminish over time-  I always feel affected by it. 

Stolen Violin – Temperate Touch, Tropical Tears

Jordan Ireland has written such emotionally resonant songs, that seem to come attached with their own mysterious small worlds. His album as Stolen Violin was our introduction to his music, found on Bandcamp after hearing one of the songs on radio. It was immediately captivating, with a unique kind of beauty and warmth, especially the songs World of Sun and New Amnesia Skies. A few years on I found the song Blood, by the Middle East, which I listened to on repeat for some days, and I was amazed to discover that this song was from the same person. Not only this, but with the Stolen Violin album I had also found a person who loves reverb even more than I do.

Don’s selections: 

Bill Fay – Salt of the Earth

 I love the simplicity of Bill Fay’s 21st century hymn for those “hidden from view, known by their deeds, the salt of the earth…that only the Lord knows.” Bill sings the song like he knows them too and celebrates their worth with a tender sureness.  

Angelo De Augustine – Swim Inside the Moon

Over lunch in early 2018, my old friend Denison Witmer gave me a CD of the record Swim Inside the Moon by Angelo de Augustine. The CD stayed in my car player on repeat until my parked car got hit and demolished earlier this year. One of the last items I retrieved from the dash before the car was carried off was this CD. He has a sound that makes me want to pick up my guitar and write.

‘See You Tomorrow’ is out now on Bella Union

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