New song: Uma Bloo – Coming Home

By Sage Shemroske

In this spring of constant change Chicago outfit Uma Bloo has finally released ‘Coming Home’, a single that frontperson Molly Madden has been teasing for a while now. ‘Coming Home’ starts with a simmer, the band appearing larger than ever before with Madden’s voice all encompassing. Her ability to take up all the air in the room and let it rest on her is singular. She’s never overpowered by bass or guitar, she allows it to build, playing each moment to its fullest extent. It’s a song with a maw opened wide enough to swallow all lovers. “Sometimes I wonder if you just got some sleep if you would’ve been a little bit nicer to me” she sings, looking for a reason to forgive, a justification for her treatment. It’s as if Madden is constantly battling her own empathy. Baked inside each Uma Bloo song is a note to those who tend to be ruled by the moon as well. The song comes to a boil with the drums steadying out and filling the space. “I never did quite get to know ya” Madden repeats with increasing intensity. Somewhere in the distance a chime makes itself heard, elevating the grated ringing of the guitar. The track keeps stepping forward until Madden finally shrieks and it’s seared shut. If you have always come from elsewhere you need to create your own return.

‘Coming Home’ is out now

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