“Monastery monochrome, boom balloon machine and oh
Diamond rings and gutter bones, marching up the mountain
With our aching planning, high and smiling
Cheap drink, dark and violent
Full of butterflies, the violent tenderness
The sweet asylum.”
Big Thief, Mary

Welcome to Balloon Machine, a blog where I share my obsession with alternative and DIY music. Hopefully in time Balloon Machine can become somewhere you can rely on for music discovery.

I’m Paddy Kinsella, the founder of this blog. I made this blog to share my love of alternative and DIY music with you. I hope to make friends with like-minded people and people who aren’t like me through Balloon Machine. I hope it can give a platform to artists who need one and artists who don’t.

There may be the odd post about a seminal album from back in the day but Balloon Machine is primarily about new music. You’ll find premieres, new tracks, new albums and playlists of the best songs from each month here. Expect interviews and track-by-track guides too!

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